Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 1 News

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August 6 Half Day

August 21 Half Day

September 4 Half Day

September 7 NO SCHOOL

Spirit Shirts

We can still take orders for Spirit Shirts and sweatshirts.

Spirit Shirts you wear on Friday’s with jeans. No Spirit Shirt, No jeans.

Sweatshirts are for those of you who get cold indoors. Yes, you can wear them on Fridays. can also wear them any day of the week over your uniform.

Missing Assignments

Some of you are starting the year with missing assignments. They won’t count against you until tomorrow. Please take care of them.

Don’t forget to turn in the signature forms, or those will be missing tomorrow.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

How to Succeed in School

Many students hope that the start of a new school year will give them a chance to improve their study habits, stay organized, maybe even get straight "A"s.  For many, this sounds like an impossible dream, but honestly, with a little planning, it is actually quite simple to succeed in school.

1. Never, ever miss class!  Bring everything you need to succeed.
2. Write down everything the teacher says or writes on the board.  (Obviously you will need to develop a shorthand system--this is easy for those who text or email regularly.)  If you are allowed to write in your books, underline or highlight any part of the reading that the teacher spends a lot of time on.
3. Make flashcards--use 3x5 cards and bright markers.  Write in large, neat letters.  Color code different types of information.
4. Do your homework as soon as you get home.  Study your flashcards every night.
5. Don't get caught up in socializing during school time.  If you focus on school you will have a lot less homework.
6. Know exactly what your teacher expects.  Most teachers will tell you.  If your teacher doesn't...ASK!  Then DO what is expected.
7. Most important...Take responsibility for your own education.  You are in school to learn.  No one can do that for you.  However, if you are eager to learn and succeed, you will find that your teachers will be eager to help you.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thanks for Coming

Scroll down for my welcome letter and for some links to the reading I've been doing.  

In the future I hope to have student work and photos on this site.  It will be interesting to see how we actually end up using it in class.



Sunday, July 12, 2009

This year you can read the Daily News Online!

Use the address above to view the Daily News.  Just know that it updates as I update it, so future assignments are ALWAYS subject to change.  This is very new for me, so I hope everyone will cut me some slack if it takes awhile to fine tune things.  

Welcome Back to School

Welcome!  Or Welcome Back!!  We have a very exciting year ahead of us!  Even though most of you know how much I LOVE summer, somewhere around the second week of July I always start to look forward to the new school year getting started.  Like last year, Mr. Brown will be teaching Math and Science to my homeroom students and I will be teaching Reading, Spelling, and Writing to his homeroom students.  Remember that Meet the Teacher Night is on August 4 at 6pm.  You will have homework, so if you aren't going to be there make sure you stop by to pick up homework and to let me know you won't be there.

We will have order forms for new Spirit shirts on sale in the office on August 4.  You can still wear the old Spirit Shirts, but I encourage you to get a new one for things like field trips.  Remember: Spirit shirts can be worn instead of a uniform shirt on Fridays (and you can wear jeans with them instead of a uniform bottom—you can only wear jeans with a Spirit Shirt!!!).   ***New this year, we have sweatshirts for sale that you can wear in the classroom when it is cold!  You can wear these sweatshirts any day of the week over a uniform or you can wear them on Fridays as a Spirit Shirt!***

 REMINDER: The first day of school is Thursday, August 6th and it is A HALF-DAY!  Make sure you make arrangements to be picked up at noon.  (It is not a dress down day-- for new parents I will explain more about dress down in a later Daily News).   You may wear spirit shirts (or your old honor roll shirts) on Friday.

 Before you leave on Meet the Teacher Night, please turn in your contact information to the Progress Report Bin and don’t forget to bring the two signature forms (from the Welcome Packet and the Handbook) on Thursday, August 6.